mr. burton

I heart Tim Burton.
I've been in love with his art and style since I was a little girl.
I remember watching Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time and being completely transfixed by his characters.
they were so fantastically crazy, yet so real.
the way he can take any well-known story and make it new by putting his twist on it is absolutely wonderful.
I am a die-hard Burton follower. :]

I found these on DeviantART a few years ago and LOVED them.
the thought of Mr. Burton re-making all of the classic Disney movies is so thrilling.
personally, I would loveee to see him re-create Romeo & Juliet or Dracula.
[he's making Dark Shadows - excitedd!]
if you could have Tim Burton re-make any movie, which would you choose?
XOxo. Mandyyypants


  1. this is going to sound really lame but...

    I always thought the twilight movies weren't dark enough! I bet he could totally turn the twilight franchise into something people weren't embarrassed to watch.

  2. Gosh when you were a little kid and so used to watching all the Disney movies and then you finally saw A Nightmare Before Christmas didn't something sort of click inside of you? I'm sure that that movie is a part of the reason a lot of us love the things we love now. I adore Tim Burton as well. I bought Alice In Wonderland a week ago and have literally watched it at least 10 times haha.

  3. i love tim burton also :p
    i would love to see him re-make the little mermaid

  4. I would've said Coraline. I know it's already pretty similar considering the stop-motion animation and Sellick being the director, would've been so much darker than it ended up. The book is really quite scary, and I think Burton could've done that.

  5. oh man, i wish you could have seen the tim burton exhibit at the MOMA in new york. i went in january. it was absolutely incredible. his darwings and sketches were fantastic and sooo hilarious!!!!!

  6. These are amazing! I looove his movies too :) :)

  7. Wow these are pretty rockin' I think my favorite one is the snow white and sleeping beauty.

  8. I am oh so sad I missed the MOMA exhibit of his. I never got around to going! But if he could redo any movie I'd have to say that i'd like to see what he could do with the '86 Labyrinth. I think it was good but I'd like to see Tim Burton put a darker spin on it.

  9. I'm in complete agreement about Tim Burton. He's absolutely brilliant. Love your chunky crochet projects.

  10. those pictures are amazing. I think disney could use a few darker fairy tales indeed.

  11. i love tim burton and those are so cute!! In a creepy burton style obv... Visiting from FN

  12. I think Romeo & Juliet would be amazing by Tim Burton...

  13. Totally agree on Romeo & Juliet. There is a Tim Burton exhibition in a city near me and I would love to go see it.

  14. I LOVE Tim Burton!
    Awesome posts!
    I've seen so many Burton movies.
    like Sweeney Todd ;)
    And I was so excited when he did Alice

  15. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing these! I love Tim Burton and the idea of him re-making one of these tales is exciting! My vote is for The Little Mermaid too.

    P.S. Love the giveaway on FN!

  16. Ooh, I love each and every one of these images, they all look so great!
    So because of this I would say he should re-make all of them :)

  17. Those images are so amazing! Love.

    (P.S. I found you through Freckled Nest)

  18. the other day my boyfriend told me I was dressed like a tim burton character. super awesome compliment if you ask me!

  19. Did you make it to NYC to see his exhibt? I've always liked him but after seeing that I now LOVE him.


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