Honest To Blog: Copycats

Let me just preface this by stating that I am not calling anyone out in this post, nor is this negative in any way. This post has been a long time coming, and it is just my thoughts and feelings in regards to the blogging world. So, if you are reading this for a bit o' drama, you'll have to look elsewhere. ;]
Ever since I started blogging I have always felt a bit worried about what I post. Not because I thought people might be offended or bored or judge me about what I wrote. No, what I am always worried about is being labeled a "copycat". Do you know how many times I think up a kick ass blog post and then see that someone else already blogged about the same thing that day? It happens A LOT...especially with a very well-known blogger. And it totally drives me crazy! What do I do? Post my blog anyway because I thought of the post before seeing someone else's blog? Post it because this is my blog and I should be able to post about whatever I want without worrying what others think? Or should I not post it because other people might think I'm "copying"? I mean, I know this is my blog and all, but of course I don't want people thinking badly of me. My reputation as a blogger means the world to me and everything I post on my blog is completely 100% me. All Mandypants, all the time.
Sometimes I think maybe I'm making a bigger deal of this than it is. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much. What do you think? Do you or have you ever dealt with this same situation? And even if you haven't, what is your opinion? Let me know your thoughts; this is something that has pestered me for a loooooong time. XO, mandy


  1. Haha, that picture is so cute ♥
    I wouldn't care the slightest, post away lovely! Don't give a hoot if someones done it before, everything has been done by now anyway. That's my two cents ;)

  2. Dear Mandy!

    I´m from Germany, and you can belive me, when I say, I KNOW, when somebody is just copying and not herselve. I can read that between the lines. So, don´t matter, because you must be great, when the people start to copy you, it´s like a compliment, they would not copy an idiot or a boring person.

  3. I find this happens all the time! If you see the idea on someone else's blog I'd leave a comment commending them on the great post and let them know you were about to write a similar one then go ahead! No-one minds, there's so many full-on copycat bloggers, it's easy to see what's genuine x

  4. Happens to me too. I have an idea than I find it on a blog before I put it into action. Like the other commenters here I'd probably just leave a note for them or even just make reference to it in your blog "great minds think alike" sorta thing :) Ideas get recycled and re-used all the time, don't stress.

    It's a total different thing when people just copy & paste what you say. That's when it's gonna damage reputations. You're too cool to do anything like that :) xoxo

  5. First of all, I LOVE that photo! You have such pretty/expressive eyes :)
    Secondly, I say post what you want and if anyone is going to criticize you, they aren't worth your time/care. It's your blog and let's face it, it's pretty much impossible to be 100% original with this many people in the world. What matters is that you share what you want to share and it's original to YOU. Please don't hold back, especially for a handful of people who will likely only criticize behind the 'anonymous shield'.

  6. Honestly, don't let it get at you. If you want to post something then post it. Don't worry if someone thinks you're copying them.

    I agree with Ebony. When it is something to be worried or upset about is when it is direct plagiarism. Then its an issue, but more so an ethical issue than a social one. :)

    Love you.

  7. I agree with many of the previous. It's a common thing in the blogsphere. There are famous trends and stuff that everyone wants to follow, or current situations that everyone wants to discuss. It's a good thing to let yourself and mind out there because you are expressing your opinion or your point of view. As long as it's not a "copy-paste" situation, everyone should be free to post whatever he wants on his blog.

  8. Honestly. Everyone of us. Get some ideas of thought or artistry from others. No one is 100% original. The difference is inspired people will usually give credit to the source of inspiration. Copycats just take the inspiration and claim the idea as their own never recognizing the originator. giving credit is always the right thing to do.

    I agree with the ones who said that you have to be yourself with little worry for what people think so if you see that it happened just post a comment to that persons blog with a great minds think alike sort of thing.

  9. Just let yourself express... I know that very well, so, don't waste your energy on thinking 'whether should i post this or not' because it's really consuming....

    For example, my blog will be mainly themed with my Erasmus experience in Germany. There are billions of travel/food/culture blogs out there, but what can I do? NOTHING!!! So, let the worries aside....

  10. aw, mandypantsie!
    post what you want, dear.
    it's your blog.

    and if someone can't tell that everything here is just you and no one else, then they're doodie-heads, and not worth your time.

    seriously, dollface. ^.^-b

  11. I agree with the other comments. You have the right to post whatever's on your mind. If it turns out that another blogger already covered the same topic in the same day, then I guess it's a popular topic and likely something your readers would enjoy! :)

  12. Love the picture, so cute! Love this post. These "Honest To Blog" posts have to be my favorite! ♥


  13. When you get an idea blog it. THEN go look at other blogs, if you see your idea somewhere else then oh well. But don't go look at what others are doing otherwise you'll question yourself.

    If you see someone who thought the same thoughts and expressed them differently and you like that than "PS" it and link back to the other blog.

    Don't worry about people thinking you're a copycat, like Lydia and Ebony, it's only an issue if its a case of plagiarism.

    Now if you get an idea from someone else and want to expound on it by all means give the inspiration credit.

    But I come back to my first statement, write and publish your blog before you go look at anyone's blog. Be yourself. ♥

  14. I'm new to blogging, and I even notice a few blogs having similar posts. I as a reader enjoy them, though, because it's fun to read different view points or maybe just simply different styles of writing.

    I say go for it!

  15. :) Glad you posted this. I've seen this happen before plenty of times. It happens to even the "most creative" bloggers. Everyone gets inspired by someone/something along the way even if they don't even remember it. Everyone is allowed their own points of views and opinions. Blogging should be about expressing yourself freely, not worrying about what others are going to think of you. Haters gonna hate, no matter what you do.
    Much love!

  16. I hear ya sister! It's even worse when you get this amazing idea for a recipe, and then you see someone else had come up with a very similar idea, and takes better pictures! Ha.

    I always will leave the comment and be like 'hey! Great minds think alike!'

  17. They say what a small world... the blogging world is even smaller... and the crafting/ blogging world is even smaller than that. It's inevitable that something will be re-done and re-worked... just don't copy word for word and give credit where credit is due.

  18. Blog whatever you want! :) So what if it's similar? There's a difference between plain copying and just having similarities! :) Besides, I haven't seen any blog out there that looks like yours or has the same crafty goals as you! :)

    You are Mandy and that is pretty awesome. No need to worry about another big name blogger... great minds think alike girl! That's just a huge compliment to you! :)

  19. I have but most of the time people credit me on thier post or on and idea that was mine..

    I love that you are totally yourself on this blog :) I've never read anyone else's blog like yours :)

  20. Totally don't worry.
    I think there happens to be a lot of overlap sometimes because so many bloggers share common interests and find inspiration from the same sources.
    It's all good! You can't help it if great minds think alike :D
    You have a great blog, and we ALWAYS want to hear your take on things, even if a bit overlaps... it's still you're own spin on it.

  21. It's hard because it feels like nothing is original... to some extent. Once something becomes popular it goes around like crazy.. and people try to make their own renditions.. but.. they are still similar. I have felt like that so many times before. I don't want people to think I'm copying anyone..so I just dont post anything.

  22. I think your blog is very original & very YOU!
    I love your blog & I think anything you want to post, you SHOULD, even if someone else posted something similar! Unless it's like THE EXACT SAME THING, people probably won't even notice! ;)
    Keep up the awesomeness!
    xo, Jamie

  23. Oh my gosh! I know exactly what you mean! I have ideas sometimes that I really want to blog about but then I see it somewhere else and end up not posting it. It's kind of a bummer though. I don't want to have to censor what I post because someone else likes the same thing. I want to write about what I love and not have to worry about people thinking I'm a copycat. It's hard. I say we should just write about what we love and not worry about what anyone else thinks. If they like it they'll read it and if they don't they won't. :) Good luck! I can't wait to read more of your awesome posts.

  24. I'd say post it anyway! There is no way it could be exactly the same! You are uniquely you.

  25. I just found your blog and this is the first post I am reading, so I'm not that deep into things, but I really wanted to leave you a comment.
    You know, blogging is just like everything else - writing poetry, creating music, drawing. You do something that you think is super special only to see (hear/read) it sooner or later somewhere else, done by somebody else. And this is ok because we are all human beings, we all think alike, especially when we're interested in the same things.
    You should post whatever is on your mind, this is Your blog, Your diary, Your place for inspiration and random thoughts. If someone thinks you're a copycat, let him unfollow you. The most important thing is that you know you're not.
    Wow. Some deep thought here haha!
    Have a wonderful week and don't you ever worry about stuff like that! :)



  26. Don't sweat the small stuff, your blog is adorable and you can't help if topics overlap.

  27. I totally understand. I don't really have an answer, but I just wanted you to know you aren't alone! :) and I think your blog is lovely!

  28. with so many bloggers out there now, its almost impossible for this not to happen. im right there with ya. its like your only option is to just never read anyone elses blog, ever. ha ha. i have a friend who wont even read a certain popular blog, b/c she seems to 'do it all'. so just about anything would be copying. but i say just continue to be true to yourself. i agree with Britta, its obvious to know when someone is just being a copycat and who is authentic in this so called blog world. ive seen so many people start blogs and just post 'pretty pictures' that they did not take just to have a blog and followers. its pretty sad. just like in the creative art world, we all use the same materials, and have similar concepts on alot of things, but if you are a true artist, you will make it your own authentic work. same with blogging, you will come through your writing, no matter what it is! xo. so excited to have you as a sponsor this month mandy!

  29. i understand this post completely! I feel the same that sometimes it is hard because I have such a small blog that nobody knows about and feel that certain features I do may be as if I am copying.
    Its a crazy thing and really hard to manage..what to do!

    but i think you have a beautiful and unique blog. I have been returning for a while now :)
    La xo

  30. Most definitely have felt in the same position. Maybe this is self destructive, but every time I have a great idea I google it. I do this in an effort to be unique and to avoid the whole "copycat" curse. That said, it's often as they say "everything's been done". Embrace your ideas and know that they are your own. :-)


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