goodbye love month.

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I can't believe it's the end of February already. This year is going by so fast. I'm kind of glad though, because Spring/Summer are really my favorite seasons. And I have a bunch of exciting plans for le blog for March! So I'm really excited to get this show on the road. :]
I wanted to share some fun goals I accomplished this past month! Here goes!
  1. This month has been the biggest views month ever for the Miss Indie Blog with over 16,000 views! This is such a huge accomplishment and I am so excited to see how much my blog is growing!
  2. I started cleaning/organizing my room and craft studio. I definitely have a lot more to do, but it's a start!
  3. I'm using my camera almost every day again! This is something that was a must. I think it's crucial, for both my blog and my personal creative growth, to take non-camera phone pictures every day.
  4. I've begun drinking a lot more water, started a skincare routine, and am trying to eat more fresh foods. Yay for health!
I'm so looking forward to next month. I've got all new plans and goals and am excited to share them with you all. What are some things you are looking forward to? Any goals accomplished in February? XO, mandy


  1. I agree that it's important to use your camera everyday for creative growth. I love my camera, and I am always surprising myself by trying new things with it.

    Also, good for you for drinking more water! I need to do that myself.

  2. Something I have accomplished is keeping with a vitamin regimen and I can totally feel a difference. It is wonderful. Yay for healthy living!

    It sounds like you had a good February. March will definitely be amazing.

  3. I am really excited for March too! I know it'll be awesome. ^.^ xo.

  4. Congrats on you views!! That must feel awesome :) I'm new to the blog world, and I felt AWESOME the first time I got into the 1k range. I can't imagine 16k!!!! <3

    Anyways - I love your blog and have never commented. Just wanted to leave some comment love and wish you an AMAZING day! loves!

  5. Wow, February just flew by, didn't it? My goals were to start being more healthy - eating better, exercising more, etc. I haven't done much exercising but I have been eating better! Yeah!

    The Art of Being You

  6. Love that quote! It is so true! I'm a new follower and I'm excited to see what you have to share with the bloggin' world!

    haha .... that was kinda cheesy. oh well.

  7. The quote is amazing. And so is this blog! Artistic and lovely. I'm a new follower too, and I can see why you got so many visitors this month! :D I'll be back, and feel free to visit me at my comparatively tiny blog sometime. ;)

    Brianne Danae

  8. yea for fun feb. goals!

    i didnt do great on my feb goals...

    but just posted my march ones and will do better this month!

    congrats on all the visitors :) and i look forward to the new things on your blog!



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