super cute nail inspiration!

I really miss painting my nails! Last summer I was so obsessed with trying different colors and designs. I'm hoping to get back into that habit, so I've been looking for cute inspiration and thought I would share some with you lovelies.
[images via weheartit and pinterest]
Yeah, totally wanting to do my nails now, haha. I need to get some of those nail polish pens though, because I am an absolute mess when trying to paint smaller details.
So, today I took a break from working on orders to go see Never Say Never with my sister and mom.........again. Don't judge. I used to think Justin Bieber was so annoying, but the way the movie was filmed was pretty fantastic and his story is actually really inspiring. Plus, it was really neat to see a concert in 3D. More 3D concerts/movies, pretty please?? *wink* What all were you up to today? XO, mandy
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  1. Omg I want to try all of these!

  2. The 1st and 9th are the dainty squids :)
    She always has pretty nails.

  3. im ashamed to admit, i've never really done Anything with my nails =P but all these look too good not to try =D how hard can it be? (^_^)

    thankyou for sharing (groovy post)

    Chloe x

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  5. so cute...i wish i could actually be motivated enough to spend this much time on a manicure. alas, i am not.

  6. Those are all so CUTE!!! if only i was that talented!

    I love the little mustache one :)

  7. These are all so cute! My favorites are the mustache ones :)

  8. eeeeep!! I love them all!!! how pretty!!

  9. Adorable! Now I just need to grow my nails out again, and then I'll be good to go:-) xoxo

  10. i love nailpolish so this post rocked my world! love it :)

  11. This is the funnest post I've read in a long time, anywhere! Adorable and totally inspiring me to paint my nails this weekend!

  12. Love, love the mustache nails. haha! So cute!! I so cannot wait to by up on some nail polish and start painting my nails! =) xo.

  13. These are so great! I Love the mustaschio!

  14. Heeeeey!
    Some of those are from Kaylah at the DaintySquid!!
    I know because I sent her an email last week to say she's my nail inspiration. I never ever painted my nails, but then I got hooked on her blog...

    pretty nails are so fun!

  15. I want them all plz. Thnk u! Fekkin gorgeous!

  16. meu cupcake ali :D
    mais fotos no meu flickr o/

  17. I love these I want to try them all!


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