Friday's Favorite Things!

Happy Friday, y'all! This was such a great week, I feel like I accomplished a lot in the way of blog planning and future posts. I also randomly decided to trim my own bangs and they don't look too bad (although I'm really considering getting my Zooey Deschanel bangs again, I'm starting to miss them).
Here are some of my favorite finds from the week. Hope you enjoy! xo. mandy
1. My friend Jess over at Irocksowhat created the cutest social media icons the other day and I absolutely love them (all of her design work is really awesome). Best part? They're free!
2. I loved reading about Leigh Ann's first time making broiled grapefruit! Totally sounds like an interesting recipe and she said it's delicious so I'm definitely going to try it.
3. Love this quote. Such a great reminder.
4. This looks like the best chocolate-covered banana bar ever! Such a fun idea for parties or movie nights.
5. The. cutest. cardigan. ever.
6. Gene Kelly and Judy Garland. ♥
7. Haha love this sweatshirt!
8. I really want to print this out and hang it in my room. Some of the best advice to ever give or receive. ♥


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  1. Very cute post! I love the "Life's Little Instructions". Have a great weekend! :-)

  2. Lovely Friday things! Those social media icons are awesome and I've just printed out the final advice to keep in my scrapbook :)

  3. I love just about everything on this list! I really want a chocolate-covered banana now...

  4. I LOVE the Life's Little Instructions!!! Words to live by!! Happy Friday!! xo

  5. I definitely liked that cute little list! :)

  6. Omgsh. I *love* that cardigan! I want it!

    And those social network buttons, are adorable. <3

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. love, love this friday favorite! love it ALL


  8. Great inspiration!! my favorite part are the choco-covered banana and the quotes
    enjoy today and happy weekend!!

  9. thanks so much for featuring my icon thingies dude!

  10. i NEED that sweatshirt! i was freaking out about LA grapeefruit, too! I can't wait to try it.

  11. I made those grapefruits for breakfast they were yummy.


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