Friday's Favorite Things!

I can't believe it's Friday again! This week really flew by, which I'm super thankful for. I love the weekends so much, and have a lot of goal making and blog planning to do for next of my favorite things! Here are some super sweet finds from the week, enjoy!
1. Totally in love this article about 10 Reasons To Take A Solo Road Trip over on the Campfire Chic blog! It's been a little dream of mine to take a trip down Route 66, and after reading this post all I want to do is pack up and go. I've never been on a road trip by myself before...sounds a little scary, but like a fun adventure at the same time!
2. Here's a fun DIY for all of my cat-loving friends! This Calico Kitty Nail Tutorial from Modcloth is adorableee!
3. Miss Katy Perry, looking absolutely lovely. I'm going to try out this makeup look soon, it's so pretty. Anyone else super excited to see her 3D movie?
4. This chevron jacket (from Mad Men). Be still my heart.
5. Ice cream cone lamp! ♥
6. Pretty much the most amazing cookies ever, no? These piñata cookies would be so fun for a party!
7. Pretty bunting bubble umbrella. How I love you so!
8. This is by far the best photo I've seen of The Walking Dead cast. Hellooooo Norman Reedus. Meow!
9. Love this DIY to make Tie-Dye Tights! I never would've thought of something like this, what a nifty idea.
10. I want to join this book club. *wink*
11. Definitely getting some of these for my next ice cream party. Nomnomnom.

I just wanted to let everyone know real quick that I have a few ad spaces left for May! You can click here for more info and click here if you'd like to purchase an ad. May is shaping up to be a pretty awesome month! xo, Mandy


  1. Oh my! Pinata cookies?! They made me giggle just looking at them. Love :)


  2. I LOVE that pic of the Walking Dead cast!

  3. SO many pretty things!
    I will make those piñata cookies at some point in my life.
    And I'm dy(e)ing (see what I did there? ; )) over those tights!

  4. Ugh, I need to catch up on The Walking Dead. Now that you've reminded me, I'm going to finish the season!

  5. I saw those pinata cookies just a few days ago I plan to make some for my sister's birthday coming up soon. I hope they come out good!

    My blog:

  6. That umbrella is soo cute! I need one for all the Florida storms.

    xo, Megan

  7. the umbrella is my favorite! and katy perry is such a doll


  8. Awesome finds, Love the Chevron jacket and the Umbrella is adoreable!

  9. i love mad men!!! and i love the pinata!! that is sooo festive!!

  10. Oh my gosh! Those pinata cookies are the best ever!!

  11. There's pretzel cones!!!?? wow!

  12. oh i looooove that pic of the cast of Walking Dead! I cant wait for the new season to come out!

    Those tights are so cute! Im not big on tights but Id love to try dyeing my own!

  13. Those cookies look too good to be true!! I definitely need some! And oh my, I'm a total tights obsessive, and that tie dye idea is genius, how has no one ever thought of that before?? =)

  14. Oh my goodness! We're so much alike! I've been wanting to travel Route 66 so much my cousin actually made me a dress with a Route 66 printed fabric! <3

    Also, omgsh I love those cookies!! I am so making some of those for my graduation part!!

    And that umbrella, and chevron jacket are so cool, too.

    Thanks for sharing all this great stuff!

  15. Those are the cutest cookies ever! & the calico cat nails are pretty cute too.


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