Friday's Favorite Things

Friday is here again! I hope everyone has been having an awesome week. I definitely got my pumpkin fill after this week, how about you? I had a lot of fun sharing some of my favorite pumpkin things with you, and now it's time for me to share my favorites from the week! Enjoy!
1. This floral crown DIY by Bleubird Vintage is amazing! I want to make a couple in different colors, and maybe one with some fall leaves. ♥
2. Ever wanted to make your own pumpkin butter? Well here's how! (okay, maybe I'm not completely over pumpkin things, haha.)
3. My lovely friend Kate opened a new shop called Sweet & Lovely, and I am so smitten! One of my favorite things are these Rainbow Sweater Clips. They're dreamy!
4. Loving these pretty yellow dresses from Modcloth. 1 + 2 (There's only a few days left to save $20 on your first Modcloth order!)
5. Is it bad that this is kind of true...?
6. These tiki cups are so freaking awesome! I went through a huge tiki/Hawaiian phase in middle school, you should've seen my bedroom. It was awesome. :)
7. THE coolest table ever! It pulls apart and you can use each petal individually, or it can be put together as a big flower. Oh love.
8. Christmas wish list: turquoise Hunter boots. ♥
9. I heart this Sublime Stitching Journal! It's so pretty, I would love to embroider something like this on a cardigan or dress.
10. Cotton candy mod awesomeness.

The plans for this weekend are pretty simple...just relaxing at home and getting some work done, football on Sunday, and taking photos at this little park we found. I love finding new spots to take photos! xo. Mandyy


  1. OHHHH! i'm gonna make that crown for a friend for christmas! YAY!

  2. Mmmm Pumpkin Butter!!! And I love love love the color of those rain boots. Definitely a must on the Christmas LIst! Haha, and that Stitching Journal is SO CUTE! I love the unicorn design :) Great picks this week!!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend :)

    -Jessica (Sew In Love)

  3. That really is the coolest table ever! And wow, turquoise hunter boots?! <3

  4. Great picks! Definitely gonna try the floral crown tutorial

  5. Oh my goodness i love those dresses!!!!!

  6. That floral crown is so gorgeous! And homemade pumpkin butter?!? Girl, you're killing me!
    xo Heather

  7. Love that flower table! It would be so perfect for an outdoor patio!

  8. You always pick the best things for this feature! Love itt <3

  9. Oh god - I think I could find a way to eat pumpkin butter on Everything. Football on Sunday!!! Who's your team?

  10. I love the dress and those rain boots GORGEOUS!

    My blog:

  11. those dresses, that crown, those boots and everything! gah these are just lovely :) xx

  12. that second modcloth dress is absolutely gorgeous, pretty reasonable price too.. and I was doing so well at not spending this week ;)

  13. Every single link is amazing - I want that floral crown! I would just wear it to work in my office every single day :)
    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights


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