Welcome to my first Halloween Costume Party!

Happy Halloween! I'm so happy that my favorite holiday is finally here! Halloween is the best because everyone gets to dress up and have fun like kids for the day. I think there should be a "dress up" day every month, but maybe that's just me. :) If you can't tell (which I'm sure you can), I'm Hello Kitty this year! I had so much fun putting this costume together. I'm totally a supporter of making your own costumes. It's just more fun that way, plus it allows you to be a bit more creative. ♥
I pieced all of my Hello Kitty acessories (bag, headband, glasses) with a red dress, white knee high tights, and red bow heels. For my makeup, I used an 80's amount of pink blush for my cheeks, yellow eyeshadow for my nose, liquid eyeliner for my whiskers, and pretty red lip butter. This was a super easy costume to put together (thankfully I had most of the items already) and I finally got to dress up as Hello Kitty! :)

I can't wait to see everyone's costumes today! If you're blogging your's, make sure to link up your post below so that you can join in the costume party and everyone else can see what you're dressed up as. I hope everyone has a really fun Halloween! xo. Mandy

Costume Details: Dress c/o Spotted Moth, Hello Kitty Ears Headband c/o Sweets & Hearts, Knee-high Tights/Party City, Bow Heels c/o Bait Footwear, Hello Kitty Bag/Baghaus, Pink Bow Ring/Etsy, Strawberry Ring and Cupcake Ring/my shop, Hello Kitty Nerd Glasses/Hot Topic


  1. I LOVE your outfit, everything is so cute! I love Hello Kitty too, and can't wait to go to Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo next week! *squee*

  2. OMG, So cute!! Too bad we don't celebrate Halloween here in India. You have fun and enjoy! ^_^

  3. You're the cutest!!! *_* It's a great idea, I'll keep it in mind for future costumes!
    p.s. I've just added my link ^_-

  4. I adore your outfit! Such a simple idea, I would never of thought of it x

  5. You look so cute! I agree that every month should have a dress up day!


  6. I adoooore your costume! And I agree - homemade costume are always 100% better! Love all of that blush you used too, perfect for Hello Kitty!

  7. You look so cute I almost can't stand it! Omg, if I saw you on the street I would have to run up to you and give you a big hug! You're so adorable!

    <3 Melissa

  8. Such a fab idea! Love your Hello Kitty outfit ;) I'd love to come to your party but i'm not dressing up this year :( hope you have a fab time! ;)


  9. Ok I am fairly new to your blog, but have not commented yet. Just been stalking/lurking! haha But Im coming out of the dark, because I have to say just how beautiful you are!! I LOVE your style and the creativity for this costume! SO cute and super easy!! Love it. ♥

    Ive decided to link up too.
    The pic is a quick (and not so great one) but I wanted to link it up anyways! lol

    Hope you have a fun and fab Halloween! Are you going to a costume party or anything?


  10. That is the most adorable Hello Kitty!

  11. How adorable are you?! I absolutely love this costume idea! You are just too cute, girl!
    xo TJ

  12. Great costume idea! You make a fabulous Hello Kitty! I am also a supporter of putting together your own costumes, too!
    And thank you for the invite to your first ever costume party :) I am honoured to be a part of this momentous occasion!

  13. Your costume is utterly adorable! Hello Kitty is such a versatile character so you can pretty much come up with all kinds of outfits for her. I really like what you put together and the yellow nose and whiskers are the purrfect touch (sorry, I had to go there)! >^__^<

    <3, Nina


  14. OMG this is the cutest costume ever!!!!! You are so adorable :D
    Happy Halloween!!

  15. LOVE Hello Kitty...totally wanna steal for next year!!! xo

  16. oh my gosh how cute are you? (spoiler alert: the cutest!)

    and i have to agree— making your own costume is THE BEST part [besides the sugar coma ;-)] it's so great when you can mostly use items you already own— that's what i did, too, and i had so much fun putting the finishing touches together.

    thanks for the link up— such a fab idea. i can't wait to click through to everyone!

  17. This is soo cool! I love the link thing and you're just cute as a button!
    Drey- highdollarhippie.blogspot.com

  18. Oh my gosh, you look SO adorable! :D I lovee your outfit.

  19. Awe! Your idea is so cute! I love how simple it would be to create too! I linked up - I made my iPod nano costume - glad to join your costume party! Happy Halloween!


  20. You look absolutely amazing! :)

    Thanks for sharing the party link. I added my 'ghosts of Halloween costumes past' since my husband is ill this year and I'm not able to go out. Still, fun times reminiscing!

  21. you make a super cute hello kitty!

    xo Jennifer


  22. happy halloween, mandy!

    LOVE your costume and am so happy you got
    to wear your ears again ;D

    excited to be part of your halloween costume party.

    have a great halloween!

    erica | sweets + hearts

  23. Happy Halloween!!! Haha, that costume is so cute! So sad I didn't get the chance to dress up this year :( But I hope you had an awesome halloween and that your costume was a hit! The shoes have got to be my favorite part of the whole thing :)

    -Jessica (Sew In Love)

  24. Oh my goodness you look so adorable! I love Hello Kitty! Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

  25. Love your bag. You look adorable as Hello Kitty! Your shoes with the little heel are amazing. Stunning =)

  26. You are so cute!! Love this costume!

  27. Your bag Hello Kitty is so cute ! It's a good ideas to organise Halloween Costume Party ! Happy halloween too ! :)

  28. OMG YOU ARE SUCH A DOLL! You're soo pretty & your costume is so cute!

  29. how gorgeous you are?????
    Hope you can follow us!

  30. Thanks for creating the link-up party! I LOVE Halloween, so this gives me a chance to extend the obsession. :)

    Emily's costume (from The Freckled Fox) is impressive! I made sure to pin that one.

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